The last few months have been a saturation of creative aerosol sprayed into my favorite old rock t-shirt and huffed like an eighties after-school PSA. Tending to nosebleeds is an occupational hazard and not as bad as it sounds.

Sons of Guns (The band that Gregory Rawlins and I started in 2003 with EJ Sander and Seth Johnson) is making a new album. We spent 4 days last month locked in a cabin on the Puget Sound, writing nine songs from scratch and recording demos. It was a prolific weekend to say the least. We’ll be recording with (WOOOO!) Vertigo Productions in Seattle in April.

Fast Man (My Eugene-based garage rock project) has recently pumped out an initial EP and we haven’t slowed in amassing more material for the full-length to follow.

Solo album and acoustic living room shows are still in the works as well.

All of these are full of life and I couldn’t be more thankful for the comrades and muses I have the pleasure of creating with, on, around, because of, or in leu of.


Stay tuned for more info on all of these projects.