Gregory Rawlins and I started writing songs together in 2003 with two acoustic guitars and an old typewriter. Soon thereafter, we moved to Seattle and started a rock band called Sons of Guns. In the years since, we’ve been lucky enough to continue making music together and apart—sometimes together in Sons of Guns, sometimes as soloists or in other projects, and occasionally as just two guys with a couple of guitars and an old typewriter.

Foxgloves is a return to that. It’s Greg and me writing honest songs, singing them in harmony, and playing them on acoustic instruments. It’s for living rooms and campfires, and crowded venues full of folks who somehow manage to bring the living rooms and campfires with them wherever they go.

It’s funny; When you first start making albums and playing shows, you daydream and make wish-lists in your head of the crowds you’d like to play in front of or the records you want to make, or the places the music could take you. But at the end of the day, if I can write songs with my best friend and play them to anyone who wants to listen, I’ve made it big-time.