While in Chicago last week, I was able to hang out with my pal Nick Beery. If you’ve heard me rave about him before, it’s because he is not only one of my favorite artists (I have two of his pieces hanging in my house – here’s my fav) but he’s also the one responsible for the cover artwork on my album.

I met Nick while I was working as the Portland/Seattle Showcase Director at RAW:natural born artists last year. If you’re an artist looking to get your work out there and connect with the art community in a big way, check out RAW.  They’re homegrown, all over the world, and the best next step for an independent artist of any medium.

Music is so cool. It opens up doors to work with artists of virtually any facet. After listening to the mastered and finished product for the first time with Nick’s accompanying visuals, they were already a permanent fixture in the sound of the album.