I just got back from a Northwest Tour with Bunny West from L.A. and I still have her songs stuck in my head. Fortunately they’re really good. I got a sneak peek of their upcoming EP and it’s lovely.

We played a string of house shows and regular venues, meeting some great folks along the way. I love house shows especially for that reason; you really get to connect with people in a way that you just can’t in a bar.

Our second stop was Winston’s Lair in Seattle, hosted by Vertigo Productions. Check out this video we made there! Video by Jessica Kaminski, audio by Brad Kaminski.

Bunny West is a duet that consists of the lovely and talented Brianna Rettig and the smokin’ lead guitar skills of Jason Kanakis. It was a pleasure to share some stages (and burritos) with them. Do check them out. I plan to tour with them again someday.