I believe in karma. Granted, bad things happen to good people and even innocent children, so karma isn’t a strict literal system. But I believe it’s in play nonetheless. There’s something powerful about a selfless act that somehow returns to you in a different term. Buddhists call it Karma. Jesus called it reaping what you sow. Tough guys call it “what goes around comes around”.

The tricky thing about a selfless act is that as soon as you start getting off on everyone knowing how selfless you are, it’s not selfless anymore. If you (classic example) help an old lady across the street out of the kindness of your heart, there’s some fairy dust floating around that’s gonna come tickle your nose when you least expect it. On the other hand, if you help that old lady so you can run around telling people how awesome you are because you help old ladies, then you just grabbed the fairy dust out of the sky and snorted it. It’s gone now. But hey, at least you got a pat on the back.

Does that mean it was meaningless? Not at all. The old lady needed help and now her day is better because you intervened. But as far as karma goes, it’s a wash. You traded your reward for pats on the back.

That’s my karma theory.

P.S. I helped an old lady across the street today. It totally changed her life.