The Midwest is preparing for Hurricane Surber.  We hit the highway Monday morning and I’ll be reporting from the road as I explore various nooks and crannies in search of fresh ears from Moscow, Idaho to Chicago and back.

So be sure to tune in via whatever your favorite social network is because I’ll be instagramming the tweet out of your faceblog.

But if you’re more of a snail-mail kind of person, just post a recommendation for a cool dive or fun activity that I should try while in one of the cities on my tour, and I’ll mail you a postcard from that city. Limit one postcard per dude or dudette (stamps aren’t free you know).

Watch the video above for details and a totally accurate and well-researched history lesson on the origin of postcards.

Below is the list of my show dates and cities.  You’ll need to post your recommendation on my Facebook page.

09.03.12: Moscow, ID

09.04.12: Missoula, MT

09.06.12: Grand Forks, ND

09.07.12: Minneapolis, MN

09.09.12: Eau Claire, WI

09.10.12: Waupaca, WI

09.11.12: Madison, WI

09.12.12: Milwaukee, WI

09.13.12: Chicago, IL

09.14.12: Cedar Rapids, IA

09.15.12: Rapid City, SD