Foxgloves is the songwriting folk duo of Gregory Rawlins and Mike Surber. Their history as friends and dual front-men in the Seattle rock band Sons of Guns translates to a familiar energy onstage as they belt out and whisper their acoustic stories born out of life in the Northwest.

Now entering their 15th year as collaborators, the pair has seen the release of over a dozen albums, spanning genres of psychedelic rock, experimental soundscapes, blues, bluegrass, and americana, while tackling a gamut of subjects beginning with young adulthood, uprooting, relocation, camping trips, road trips, the love, loss and estrangement of friends and family, marriage, divorce, and those varied and rare observations made from both bustling city street and solitary mountain top.

As inspired, empowered, and hungry as ever, these two gentlemen are honored for the opportunity to do the things they love most: travel to a new horizon and play their songs for you.



Below are some songs that Mike and Gregory have written and performed together in band and solo projects. Stay tuned for a release date of the forthcoming Foxgloves LP.