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pick your poison

Fast Man

3-Piece Northwest Rock and Roll


Luckey’s Club
Eugene, OR
w/Jake McNielie & Co.

Dear Mr. Henshaw

Mike Surber’s Solo Project


Eugene, OR
w/Scott Austin


Original Folk Duet


The Art Center
La Grande, OR
w/Seth Kinzie & Andy Steele

*May Tour Dates Coming Soon


diary of mike

What is Foxgloves

Gregory Rawlins and I started writing songs together in 2003 with two acoustic guitars and an old typewriter. Soon thereafter, we moved to Seattle and started a rock band called Sons of Guns. In the years since, we’ve been lucky enough to continue making music...

Where Do You Get Off

Inspiration and enrichment come from nature and people. From new entries of these. Inspiration and enrichment do not come from TV and work. Go outside and look and listen. Go to a bar and chat with the old guy wearing a t-shirt from a Norton Buffalo tribute show where...

Folk vs Rock

It’s all rock and roll to me. My new solo project Dear Mr. Henshaw is off to a fun start; It was partly a way to declare that I’m doing something a little different than just Mike Surber with an acoustic guitar, and partly an excuse to come up with yet...

The Mayday Project

Once upon a time there was an annual “Battle of the Bands” event in Eugene, but apparently that was starting to get a little tired. This year, the event is being modified/replaced by an event called “Make-A-Band.” I jumped on board and will be...

Writing For Three (Personalities)

The last few months have been a saturation of creative aerosol sprayed into my favorite old rock t-shirt and huffed like an eighties after-school PSA. Tending to nosebleeds is an occupational hazard and not as bad as it sounds. Sons of Guns (The band that Gregory...

The Biggest Little Film Festival

Four years ago, my wonderfully talented filmmaker and an artist friend Ian Clark and I launched the first Eastern Oregon Film Festival in the upper room of a now defunct Alehouse in our home town of La Grande, Oregon. This year I have the pleasure of returning to La...

White Christmas Noise: A Mike Surber Christmas Album

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, but I never think about Christmas music until the day after Thanksgiving, and by that time it’s too late to make an album. Well, ,sat year I wised up and set a reminder on my phone for October to get my ass in...

Milk Jugs of Gasoline

The merch table and the tip jar will forever be characters in the performance of a traveling band. You’ve heard us all before – subtly, humorously, and creatively reminding you that those few extra bucks in your pocket (I do take credit/debit now, btw)...

Damn The Man. Save The Empire.

I love playing music festivals because for 1 hour I get to do one of my favorite things (play music), and for two days I get to do my other favorite thing (watch awesome bands). Happy birthday, KEOL. You were the first college radio station I was exposed to,...

9 Valentine Songs

On January 27th, I put the offer out for folks to order up a personalized Valentine song written and recorded by this guy [points at face], and it’s been a super-duper project. My brain and my writing hand need a hibernation nap, but it’s all worked out...