I’m about to start throwing new music at you like a monkey throws its… bananas. 2018 is looking up, my friends.

Currently in the pipeline is the Fast Man full-length LP, another cabin session with Sons of Guns (last time we walked out after four days with our best album to-date, in my opinion), and most exciting to me… I’m currently taking my daily songwriting routine and turning it into material that I can start to share online. There will be demos, music videos, interviews, and even physical typewritten lyrics that I’ll be sending in the USPS mail to my friends and fans. I have to put my typewriter collection to use somehow.

My new mantra is “Share, share, share.”

Credit where credit is due, I’ve drawn massive inspiration for this next launch of mine from the likes of Ralph Garman, Kevin Smith, and Austin Kleon. And they’re not even musicians, to my knowledge (although Ralph does a mean Bowie impression).

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Full-length album The Long Con by Mike Surber
13 songs / 40 minutes / available on CD, Digital Download, and Vinyl LP

Listen for free here, or if you like to MP3s, CDs or Vinyl, you can get it at bandcamp!
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